Saturday, 5 June 2010

#156 of 365 DC Universe Classics Tornado

This is it, this is the final figure of Wave 1 DCUC, and this is the last chance the wave has to show me it can be good.  Welcome to Justice League June here on Toy a Day and we're going through DCUC Wave 1 week here.  So far, the first four figures have been at best uninteresting, and at worst a disappointment to me.  Is there any redemption to Wave 1 of DCUC?   Let's open up Tornado!

Tornado, or the Red Tornado (perhaps to differentiate him from Blue and Green Tornados?) comes on the usual Wave 1 card.  He was formerly human, but is now an android hoping to be human (in much the same way as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation).  He's married though, and he supposedly has Wildfire (from the Legion of Superheroes) body, so I guess that makes him the first Legion figure in DCUC.

Right, if you've been reading this week, you'll know I like the sides of the tile cards with the picture of the CnC piece, and it's ironic because the title card actually hides the actual piece in the bubble while showing a picture of it on the side.

Tornado comes with one accessory - a semi-transparent orange vortex that could be attached to his arm, in addition to Rex's leg.  The accessory is nice and fits smugly on his hands.

Now, the tornado looks great and surprisingly is in great shape - the joints are tight and he's rather well designed.  He doesn't have a lot of details and depends on his paintwork to stand out, and generally this is adequate.  However, on close inspection, the yellow bits on his body seems to be contaminated with red paint, at least on my version, but it's not obvious unless a closer inspection is undertaken.  I'm a pedant, but I'm not that pedantic!

I like the way the accessory is sculpted though - despite the lack of paint, it really looks great, at all angles.  This is definately the best accessory of the Wave, but that's only because there are so few accessories in the wave.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with this figure.  Yes, this figure has surprised me.  I went into this expecting it to suck based on the experiences with the first four figures of the wave and was pleasantly surprised when it didn't.  I guess this is the first DCUC figure to go on the shelf this month!


  1. Hahaha, you do love things to fit smugly, don't you? Good to see that they did Reddy right. I do like his character, despite all the changes and retroactive changes they've done to him. And that he tends to exist solely to get blown up. Sigh. Why do I like him again?

  2. You liked him getting blown? Heh!

  3. So, you like Red Tornado's figure MORE than Etrigan's? I dunno Novelty, you might wanna lay off the glue-huffing...I think it's affecting your

  4. Well, I like my copy of Tornado better than my Etrigan. Both are badly painted, but Etrigan just looks like a cheap knock-off while the Tornado, with his "wind thing" really stands out.


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