Friday, 11 June 2010

#162 of 365 DCUC Robin

It's DCUC Wave 3 week here on Toy a Day, and today we look at Figure 4, Robin.  I was trying to place this Robin - there have been a number of DC characters to have taken this moniker, and I'm not that well versed with him, but I'm going to guess that this is the 90s version of Robin, Tim Drake, the computer whiz and the Young Justice leader.

The packaging is the usual, big clear bubble with the title card at the bottom, the usual honeycomb back with all the figures in the wave and Grundy in the hexagon.  The bio for Robin is at the card bottom, but I've since given up on reading them since they contain spoilers - well, at least for me.  Robin's eye mask on the title card looks way too animated, and it gives him a look that seems different from the toy.

Robin comes with Grundy's arm, a large quarterstaff and two batarangs, or whatever he calls it.  The weapons are plan and have no sculpting detail, which is a disappointment.  Also, the staff is made of softer plastic, which got deformed in the packaging as seen in the picture above.

Robin himself has the smaller teenage body so he's small in stature, but he does come with a rather nice cape.  His paintwork is rather good, and the details on his chest, including the ringed R is sharp and clear, at least on my copy.  I like the spiky way that his hair is sculpted, but I think they could have given him a wash on his face - the flesh colour seems a bit flat.

Robin is definately a lot shorter than most DCUCs thanks to his teenage figure.  In fact, at the wrong angle, he seems almost as if he's from a separate line as shown in the picture on the above right with Nightwing.

He's actually even shorter than Sinestro, which is definately not a good thing.  So should I display this Robin on the shelf or throw him back into the box?  Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Man, he's tiny! I know he's a teen and smaller than the oversized heroes, but c'mon! He's not in sixth grade, he's a high schooler almost at his final height!


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