Wednesday, 16 June 2010

#167 of 365 DCUC Blue Beetle

I'm marching slowly through opening Wave 7 of DCUC, here on Toy a Day as part of Justice League June, and today we have Blue Beetle.  Now, this is another Justice League member, although I have no idea which version of the Justice League he's part of.  I do know he showed up again in the "Formerly known as the Justice League" comic which I've not read either as the characters did not interest me.

There's no change in the packaging.  The artwork in the triangle on the cardback above the bio is still too cartoony, but this works for Blue Beetle, as I've always found him to be more comedy than superhero.  My copy has the nice warning sticker on the front of the bubble which tries to fill in the "gap" in the title card and hide more of the CnC, and I think it succeeds, somewhat.  Blue Beetle has a rather weid action pose in the bubble - I don't like the way his left arm is positioned, but I do have to admit, it does showcase him holding the gun rather well.

Blue Beetle's goggles on the title card is clear and distinct.  It's one of the few interpretation that works in that narrow area.  I have no idea if it's because he's at an angle and is not facing the viewer though.

Blue Beetle comes with his gun and a holster for it in addition to the third leg... erm... Atom Smasher's CnC leg, that is.  The holster is made from a rather soft plastic which could easily deform.  It's made to fit the gun exactly though, so the gun is rather snug in there, but there are slits on the holster for the handle and the fin on the gun.

Blue Beetle uses the usual muscular body type with a new custom head.  Despite the pose in the bubble, my copy of Blue Beetle was not warped, something I should be thankful for.  I like the transparent plastic used to make the goggles.  The paintwork is lovely, and is crisp and clear, and it's all over his body.  They even drew on his "shorts", which made me laugh.

I'm still of two minds about Blue Beetle as to whether to shelf him or to box him.  A lot would depend on his good friend, Booster Gold, which is tomorrow's figure.  We shall have to see.


  1. Shelf him! Blue Beetle is possibly the best representation of Mattel making an all-around great superhero figure. He even won Figure of the Year on a LOT of toy websites after his release...

  2. Shelf him, definitely. I think you'll like Booster enough to have a Blue and Gold team.


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