Saturday, 12 June 2010

Spy Monkey Creations Shields

Spy Monkey Creations have been ambitious.  They have previously made accessories for MotUC, but never have they tried to do 5 accessories at the same time, until recently.  I received these 5 Shields of Deliverance recently so I thought I'd review them.  They were available for sale on May 17th.

The shields are about the size of Stinkor's staction shield from NECA, although the design is reminiscent of Stinkor's vintage shield from the 80s.  The shields are slightly larger than He-Man's shield and double the size of Teela's shield from the same line.

The Shield of Deliverance - Golden Royal Version is meant for King Randor.  I think the colour of the shield goes nicely with the gold on King Randor and it fits in seemlessly there.

The shield is slightly smaller than King Randor's NECA staction shield, and does not have the acid eaten feature, of course.

The Weapons Master Version is obviously a reference for Man-At-Arms, as the shield was made for him.  However, the orange of the shield is darker than Man-at-Arms' armor and weapons and seems slightly out of place on Duncan.

Skeletor gets the Blue Venom Version of the shield.  Again, the shield seems to be of a slightly darker colour, even when compared with the Witching Axe of Ruination from SMC.  Still that does not detract from the fact that Skeletor now has a shield to match He-man.  I'd have preferred if it had a clip instead of being hand-held as it is so that it leaves Skeletor's hands free for his many weapons.

The Eye of Doom version was designed for Tri-Klops.  Unlike the rest, which either has the design on the "gem", this sheild has a pupil on the shield instead.  Again, the shield is darker than the green used on Tri-Klops, and the sword that comes with Tri-Klops.  It looks better when paired with the Tri-Klops sword from the Weapons Pak.  Apparently this version is no longer available for sale.

The last version is the Dopperganger version which is made for Faker.  Again the colour is darker than the washed out colours on Faker.  Again, it's also regrettable that the shield has to be held instead of clipped on - it would have been great if Faker can hold the sword and Witching Axe and the shield at the same time, the same way that He-Man does with his weapons.

The shields, with the exception of the Eye of Doom version is available at and costs $10 for a shield.  There have been calls for SMC to offer them bundled together for cheaper prices, but that's not yet available.

I've also posted two pictoral gallerys of these shields on my regular Blog Mash Bash sites:

Hobotastic has the DCUC gallery
Is It Fun? has the Alternate MotUC gallery

Edit: Well, Is It Fun? is suspended.  Here's the original page.

Hello all, Novelty here from Toy A Day.  I recently received the 5 Shields of Deliverance from Spy Monkey Creations.   I reviewed these sheilds on Toy A Day, so go there to read about them.  I thought some of these shields would have been better on some other MotUCs than the one they were designed for and I took some photos of those.  I hope Wesley does not mind me doing so as this is not an Is It Fun? review, but is instead just a gallery of pictures.

The Golden Royal version was meant for King Randor.  But Randor already has a staff and a shield.  His daughter though, could do with a shield so I thought I’d pass the shield on to her.

With the shield, Adora fits in much better with Teela and He-Man, both of which also have shields!

I always thought Beastman was a bit weaponless with only the whip.  He would have been great with a shield.  Well, that’s him there with the Dopperganger version of the Shield of Deliverance that was originally meant for Faker, but I didn’t like it on Faker.

He looks a lot better in my opinion and completes the “beast tamer” look with the shield.  Now the Blue Venom version of the shield that was meant for Skeletor…

actually looks better on Scare Glow, the ghost of Skeletor, who works for Skeletor.  Add the shield to the Blade of the Demon King – Ghoul Aura version (also from Spy Monkey Creations) and Scare Glow seems complete somehow in a way that the reliquary does not complete him.

All these shields, with the exception of the Eye of Doom version (on Tri-Klops above)  is available for sale at Go get yours today before they sell out!


  1. I hate to echo every other fanboy out there, but would love to get all his stuff, but at $10 a pop, its just not practical.

  2. Just get the ones that you like and need. That's what I've been doing. Or you can ask your buddy Poe if he's willing to part with his free samples :)


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