Thursday, 3 June 2010

#154 of 365 DC Universe Classics Penguin

It's Justice League June here on Toy a Day.  This week, it's Wave 1 DCUC week.  I've opened Orion and Batman and have been totally disappointed by what I've opened so far.  Will today's toy be as disappointing as well?  Well, let's open up Penguin to have a look.

Penguin comes on the standard Wave 1 card.  I'm not sure I like his pose in the card.  Sure, it shows off his beer belly and his umbrella gun, and he seems flamboyant, yet the pose is artificial.  The position of his left hand is just unnatural,a nd the way his feet are posed would be painful in real life to actual reproduce.

Penguil comes with Rex's torso and this is shown on the title card on the side, which also serves to hide a dismembered Metamorpho from the curious eyes of the viewing public on first glance.

Out of the bubble, the Penguin comes with 3 other pieces - Rex's torso, the two piece umbrella and the removable plastic vest.  I like the plastic vest idea - whereas most other characters have a cloak, his vest makes him unique.  The paintwork on his body is also a novel idea - witness the pinstripe pants.  The sculpting is gorgeous as well, with details everywhere to simulate the penguin being too big for his togs.  I also like the head scult as it captures the penguins features rather well.  What I don't like about the head is the paint work - the grey wash they applied to his face just makes him seem like a third class bootleg.  Also, my copy of the tophat had a very badly moulded injection point - again a finishing detail that makes it seems more like a bootleg.

The umbrella is adequate.  I like the fact that it's black and silver instead of being all black.  The magazine gun that's attached to the shaft of the umbrella is also nice, and it's tied to it with a rubber band in the packaging, which I did not bother to remove.

The penguin is supposed to be short, and they've captured that here.  Overall, he is better than the first 2 DCUCs that I've opened, but I'm not a huge Bat-fan anyways, and the Penguin is one of the least favourite of my Bat-villians, so I guess he's going back into the box with Orion and Batman.


  1. To be fair, the Penguin generally blows as a character, so really this figure is a step up for

  2. I like the Lego version of the Penguin :) And I guess it's a step-up, this was the first figure in the wave (that I've opened) which I didn't really find too much defects.

  3. It's a villain, so I always give bonus points for that, but he's just kind of bland as a character. I was really surprised by the line-up of the first wave, the whole way around. Of all the villains, Penguin would definitely not be my first choice.


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