Saturday, 12 June 2010

#163 of 365 DCUC Green Lantern

It's DCUC Wave 3 week here on Toy a Day, part of Justice League June, of course, and today, I'm opening the Green Lantern Hal Jordan (which I'm just gonna call it Hal).  Hal wasn't the first Green Lantern, or the last, but he is the current Green Lantern and is one of the more popular Green Lanterns.  He's a test pilot who was chosen by his ring to be the Green Lantern for the sector in which the Earth was part of, and as part of an entire Green Lantern Corps, well, things happen and is still happening as part of the ongoing storylines in the DC Universe.

Hal comes on the normal packaging, and his posse in the packaging is a bit odd.  I do have to say it does show off the ring on his fingers and the lantern, but that pose just seems so unnatural.

The title card has that weird animated look that was present with Robin, and makes Hal seems more like Kyle Rayner, his successor as Green Lantern (and predecessor?).  It also includes a picture of the Left Leg that was supposed to be hidden by the title card, but apparenlty, wasn't.  That's because my Green Lantern did not come with a CnC piece.  Now I got the whole wave in a sealed case, so this isn't due to any tampering, but a packaging error on Mattel's part.  It sucks that even when you get all the figures in the wave, you still CANNOT build the CnC figure.

Hal comes with his lantern and supposedly, the non-existant Grundy leg.  The head sculpt looks to be Hal and the uniform is definately Hal's.  The paintwork is clear and distinct, particularly the green lantern corps symbol on his chest.  The face mask is also properly done on my copy so I have no complaints there.  His joints are rather tight and passable - I think he's the best figure I have opened so far in terms of proper joints.

I wish Hal had some of his energy constructs as accessories, and it is possible because we have seen how the Tornado has his wind accessory.  However, it is an opportunity lost and we have to rely on customisers like those from Spy Monkey Creations.  Still the figure is not bad, and for those who are looking to build their JLA team, he is an integral figure.


  1. It is a shame that he only came with a lantern.. a lantern the wrong green at that! And yet still the QC continues as you don't get the CnC piece. Were you able to find anyone that had a spare?

  2. Lemonjuice said he had a spare, but I have no idea if he was going to send it to me. 2 other Facebook friends offered me their spare leg (LOL, that sounds dirty somehow!) so I guess I'll be getting a complete CnC Grundy. Just not this week.

  3. Damn, that sucks and blows at the same time. Thaks goodnes for friends with extra legs! (Ya that sonds weird too...)


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