Wednesday, 30 June 2010

#181 of 365 DCUC Spectre

Wave 12 of DCUC continues this week here on Justice League June.  Yes, I know we're running out of June, and that this week will eat into July, but you know what?  I'm opening toys and I say, I'll open the rest of Wave 12 this week, even if it takes me until July to do it!

Today, it's the turn for Figure 2 of Wave 12, which is my favourite figure in the wave, Spectre.  Sometimes I misspell him as Sceptre as well, so if you see that, know that I mean Spectre.  Now Spectre is God's spirit of vengence, and had a dead human host of some sort.  That host was Hal Jordan at one point, but I have no idea who it is currently.

Spectre comes in the 75th anniversary card, and it's the same layout as Eclipso's yesterday.  There is one difference which I'll highlight shortly.  The pose that they gave Spectre in the bubble is good in my book - he's facing the front for one, and the way his limbs are positioned, it doesn't warp them.

Spectre's bubble is the only one in the wave with the cool skull motifs.  I like it because it sets the packaging apart from the other packaging.  What I didn't mention yesterday on Eclipso's packaging is that they seemed to have updated the DCUC logo with this new logo, or at least it looks different to me.  I think I like this logo better than the older one.  Oh and there's one more change in the packaging which I'll gripe about tomorrow.

Spectre comes with a button (blegh!) and three parts for Darkseid, and... no other accessory.  Oh well, it's a DCUC, although he could have had a nice big sword to go along with him.  I specifically got the gitd body Spectre, which if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I have a fondness for all toys gitd.  Spectre comes with the usual muscular body, and has a slimmer cape than what I'm used to on DCUCs and a new head sculpt.

Yeah, somehow, Spectre just reminds me of Scareglow, what with the gitd and the cape.  Granted, Spectre is a tad smaller than the ghost of Skeletor (actually, the ghost who works for Skeletor... and if you're here because you searched for Skeletor's groin, well, here's another result for you).  The good thing about Spectre is that his body is not partially covered with paint, like Scareglows.  The bad thing is that without the black paint, he's almost a featureless glob at night when he flourescence.

Spectre is the favourite figure in the wave, mainly because he's gitd.  Even if he sucks, he would have a place on the gitd shelf with the other gitd figures.  But he doesn't suck.  Add that to the fact that I've been picking up JSA figures starting with Atom Smasher (which I loved) and Dr. Midnight later in this wave, and I think he's going to fit right into either my JSA display, or my Green Lantern displays.  My only regret is that I didn't get more of him!


  1. He really is a great figure, especially considering how simple he is. I like the character regardless, but it was a nice surprise that his figure be that cool.

    A former Gotham City detective (Crispin Allen?) is the current Spectre. He was partners with Rene Montoya before she became The Question.

  2. This is the version I purchased because it was the first one I saw at retail. But I do love GitD figures! Scareglow is one my favorite MotUC figures!

    I like when they add those little touches to the plastic trays, it makes very hard to just throw it away after I open the package, but I really haven't thought of a use for them to justify keeping them.

    I liked the targets on Deadshot's tray, or was it Vigilante's?

  3. They both had the targets, and Deadman had the skulls as well if I'm not mistaken. Other than that, I think some of the Lanterns had their symbols in the plastic also...

  4. Ah, right! And Cheetah had scratches in the plastic. Although I'm not sure how she did it with her gummy claws...


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