Friday, 25 June 2010

Havoc MotUC customs

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Havoc!  I hope you have a fun filled day.  This is just a picture show and tell about some great MotUC customs that my good friend Havoc did.  He recently showed them off after I made a request, so I thought it best to show them off here as well.

Havoc's Catra and King Hiss.  His original Catra paint was based on the toy with pinks and black together with the red.  It's a bit weird.  I'm much more happy that he's repainted it to a more filmation-accurate look.  She has what seems to be the silver crossbow from the Weapons Pak.

And as for King Hiss?  He looks a lot less "vintage" and more "minicomic".  I'm not sure personallly that I like his head sculpt or loincloth, but the figure, with the paintjob looks great!

Stinkor and Shokoti is next.  Havoc considers these figures to be "incomplete".  I guess he's still not too happy with them, but I think they look great.  Stinkor has a face paint closer to his millennium version than his vintage version, but that's a minor detail.  I somehow doubt Havoc would douse him with patchouli though.

Shokoti still has a few accessories missing, and is a Filmation character, so she might not get made for MotUC.  Which is a pity.  This will be one of the few toy versions of her that's based on the MotUC female sculpt.

Fisto is based on a He-Man with the vintage sword.  I like the head sculpt, but since it uses the He-Man head, the eyes are a bit "crying" red.  I'm not so sure I like the purple paintwork, I think it needs a second coat somehow, but that's a minor detail.  He still looks great and I can't wait for Mattel to actually show us their interpretation of Fisto for MotUC.

Sorceress is ... WOW!  I want her now.  Havoc showed a work in progress picture a while back and I had a few issues with it, but it seems he's fixed most of those issues.  I really want this version of the Sorceress.  As Kafos would say, real sorceress are not from Egypt!!!

Sy-Klone an Frosta.  These look great.  Personally I think Sy-Klone's radar is a tad on the wee side, but that's because Havoc reused the sticker from the anorexic millennium line.  The head sculpt on Syke is awesome and the paintwork looks sharp.

Frosta is a fan favourite, and one of my favourites and perhaps because of that I find her not to my liking.  Don't get me wrong, Havoc's version is great.  However, I don't like the way her hair is sculpted (which is a reuse from a certain Marvel character, I think), I think her face is way too "summery", and her skirt seems a bit unimaginative to me.  That's because I want her to be perfect though.

Man-E-Faces and Ram Man?  Let's face it, we aren't getting these figures in MotUC for a long time, so Havoc has created these from Optikk and Trap Jaw and uh... what looks to be He-Man.  I like how true to the original both are and how great these look in MotUC-style.  I really do wish we can get these sooner, but alas!  However, Havoc did caution that Man-E only has one face, and I doubt Rammy's legs is spring loaded, but still, despite the lack of those action features, these figures are still great for display.  I want one!

Glimmer?  *swoon*  I love the metallic colours that Havoc used on her and I love the way he sculpted her hair.  Despite sharing the same face as Adora, she looks completely different from Adora, or from her vintage toy.  Kudos to Havoc.  Oh, and she has her vintage gitd staff :)

Hiding behind Glimmer is Clamp Champ.  He's never been one of my must have figures, so I'm a bit lukewarm towards this sculpt.  I do like the millinnium sculpt though and I hope they'd be adding some of those influences to the MotUC version of Clamp Champ.  I do wonder when we'd get him.

So what do you do if you want Havoc to make you one of these?  Well, contact him and ask him about it.  Be forewarned though, that he's probably swamped with other things and that he might turn you down.  Also things might get a bit pricey since there's shipping involved, but I can assure you it's definately worth it!   I hope to be getting my custom figure soon... if Matty does not mess it up for me!  I'll post a review once I have it.


  1. Oh, man, that Fisto looks awesome! I want one today! I can only hope Matty's is as badass when it's released. And the Man-E-Faces blew me away.

    Awesome work!

  2. Again, just to clarify, these aren't my customs. They belong to Havoc.

  3. I know, I should have been specific in my comment. I often post from my iPhone and it becomes a pain in the ass to type, so I cut things down. Apologies!

    Nice work, Havoc!

  4. It's OK. I just didn't want Havoc to think I'm taking credit for his customs and his pictures.

  5. if the Catra is what we really get next year or in 2012, FORGET IT! Furry underwear? I understand the reuse of the female face, but it just looks odd.

    The Sorceress doesn't look all that bad. Compared to the recent dead-on vintage versions of Buzz Off and Robot we just got. I'm inclined to think they'll be aiming for this more in the future so than going for 200x Versions. And that'll just make the 15 200x fans on bitch a lot more. I like 200x but not to the point of bitching about it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like these losers.

  6. The furry underwear for Catra is from the classic toy I think.

  7. Wow, these are pretty awesome! I think Catra, Fisto, Sorceress and Man-E-Faces look the best. Clamp Champ's sweet too and it's hard to tell his skin is painted!

  8. *nod nod* I'm going over to his house later in the year (hopefully) and I'll be bringing a camera along. I'm going to take lots of photographs!


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