Monday, 25 July 2011

#159 of 365 DCUC Sinestro - repost

It's DCUC month this year, but I thought I'd repost some old DCUC figures that I did last year and this week, it's Wave 3.  Here's the first figure from the Wave, Sinestro.

It's week 2 of Justice League June.  Well, this is shaping up to be DCUC June instead.  Today is the start of DCUC Wave 3, and I guess I'll do these in the order that they were numerated on the packaging.

There are 7 figures in the Wave, 5 normal figures and 2 variants - the yellow Sinestro and an unmasked Deathstroke.  I have both of them, but I don't have the normal Sinestro.  Oh well, no big deal there.

The packaging has a few tweaks from the wave 1 card.  The title card is now slightly redesigned with the eyes of the character peaking out above his name on the title card.  The large see-through bubble is still there.  the back of the card still has the honeycomb with all 5 figures in the wave and the Collect and Connect figure, Solomon Grundy, in this case, displayed in the middle hexagon.

Like Wave 1, the side of the title card still shows the CnC piece included with the figure.  The title card also nicely hides the CnC piece from a frontal view, although thanks to the clear wrap-around bubble, the CnC piece can still be viewed from the top or sides.  The front of the card has the usual starburst effect, but the comics has changed to something more appropriate for the wave.

Sinestro comes with his yellow Lantern and Grundy's leg.  The lantern is simple to the point of being uninteresting - I mean it could have had a few more features, but instead, it's just a ball on a cone connected by a piece of bendy wire handle.

Sinestro himself is nicely painted, and unlike Wave 1, the joints seem rather tight, although not overly tight.  I have a feeling that playing with him will loosen the joints rather fast though.  The paint work is based on the recent events in DC comics - something that I don't keep track of, so I have no idea what's happening.  The logo is nicely painted on my copy, and the lines are clear, so that's a relief.  The figure is short though - he feels like a 5-inch figure instead of something for this line.  Comparisons with Hal Jordan will have to wait until I open that figure later this week.

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