Wednesday, 6 July 2011

#551 of Year 2 DCUC Cyborg Superman

It's day 3 of Wave 11 week of DCUC month, which translate into July 2011 by the normal calendar.  Wouldn't it be cool if they named each day of the year after a comic character?  So instead of Monday 1st July 2011 they could call it Batman, and Robin could be Tuesday 2nd July 2011, etc. such that we get a Batman month?  Ah, only in Bizarro world...

So today I'm opening the Cyborg Superman or Hank Henshaw.  He comes on the usual card, but thanks to his awesome Terminator face, the eyes above his name on the title card has quite a bit of character.  The back has the standard plain hexagonal layout and his bio, which surprisingly didn't mention anything about the Reign of Supermen.

hank comes with a groin piece and the head piece for Kilowog.  I wonder if Mattel is trying to infer that he's a dick.  he's got no other accessories, but does come with a cape.  The figure is painted wonderfully and that "two-face" Terminator look is brought to perfection in the face sculpt.

I like how they sculpted the additional rings on his right fist as well.  That's another nice piece of detail.

My one complaint isn't really about the toy, it's about his colours.  He's not yellow like the rest of his fellow Sinestro Corps members (even Sinestro Corpse Batman had yellow highlights).  Still this is a good representation of the character in the comic, and I guess he'll stand proudly (or should that be fearfully?) next to his Sinestro Corps cohorts on my display.

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