Tuesday, 12 July 2011

#557 of Year 2 DCUC Black Hand

It's Tuesday, which means it's Figure 2 of Wave 1 of the Green Lantern Classics.  It's still DCUC July here on Toy a Day and I'm having a whale of a time opening up these suckers!

Black Hand comes on the same card that Kyle Rayner came on yesterday.  The only difference is that he has the Black Lantern symbol on the title card and his picture, bio and stats on the back.

The back of the card also shows off the Collect and Connect figure, which is Arkillo in this case.  Thanks to some rather interesting photography, he looks massive... as he should do.

Black Hand does not have any accessories, but he does come with a removable cloak.  The figure itself seems dull in mostly blue and dark grey, but that's because of the comic character design anyways.

His right fist does have the black ring sculpted, but the paintwork seems a bit odd as the whole fist is black.  There are quite a lot of molded on details on his sculpt, from the wrinkled skin around his mouth to the raised Black Lantern symbol on his chest to the the studs and buckles on the arms and legs.  The paintwork around these details are sloppy on some spots though.

One of the things I was stoked about was the double-hinged elbow joint.  That is a new improvement which allows for greater flexibility in terms of movement, but is visually more distracting as there are now a lot more joints and holes.

At the end of the day, he looks good.  Sure, I wish I had some black ring constructs for him to use, but that is a minor detail as the details of his costume is sufficient to make him stand up on my display shelf.

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