Friday, 22 July 2011

#567 of Year 2 DCUC Medphyll

It's Friday, and I'm opening Medphyll today.  He also comes with the parts to nake Naut, but since I have a carded Naut Kei Loi, I'll just do Medphyll today.  It's still GL Wave 2 week as part of DCUC 2011 month here on Toy a Day, and guess what, SDCC is happening now!

Nothing special about the packaging, other than the starburst saying that he comes with enough parts to make Naut.  The bio on the back and the title card is for Medphyll.  Naut has a completely different packaging in terms of the text.

He also comes with Stel's leg, but otherwise is accessory-less.  The figure from the neck down to the ankle is the same Hal Jordan sculpt that we've seen countless of times.  His feet is a two-toed feet that I think is new and makes him slightly different from the other human lanterns.

His cyclopean brocolli head is definitely different from the other human lanterns and does make him stand out among them, but not much in a whole crowd of figures.  The paintwork on this copy of Medphyll has white spots on his black eyeband, but otherwise, everything else is good.  Wait, his leg is also a bit deformed thanks to his packaging.  Sadly.

Still, he's another warm body (I think) to add to my GL Corps display.  Two more figures to go for them in the wave, including Naut from tomorrow.

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