Monday, 4 July 2011

#548 of Year 2 Heroclix Legion of Superheroes Starter Pack

I didn't do a post yesterday, and to make up for it, here was yesterday's "toy".  OK, so this really isn't a toy at all.  Heroclix are minifigures used for gaming and they are based of comic book properties.  I never got into them when they were "hot" because they were expensive.  They still are, I think, but I walked past this starter pack in Liverpool, England last year and decided to pick it up!

The box feels like a typical toy box, with a clear window on the front bleeding over to the top.  The back of the box has description of the 7 figures shown in the window.

Out of the box, the display tray is almost good enough to act as a display stand.  The bottom of the tray hides a thick wad of paperwork, and another baggie.

There's character ability cards and tokens in the wad of paperwork,

and instructions galore, but the main part of the wad was this huge fold out map.

There's also the "ring" which is used to "twist" the base of the figure so that the appropriate stats are displayed, and the dice that are used for attacking.  There's also an eighth bonus "character".  Shrinking Violet is represented by just the base alone without a figure on it.

The pack consists of four couples - Jo and Tinya, both in their threeboot garb.  The poses are fixed as there are no articulation on any of the figures.  Ultra boy looks action pack, but Phantom Girl seems to be waving goodbye.

Shrinking Violet and Timber Wolf.  Well, they were a couple, and possibly was gonna be in the Threeboot (and if anyone's wondering what's a Threeboot, that's the 3rd incarnation of the franchise that was restarted by Mark Waid in the mid noughties.  The current "boot" is the 1.5 boot, and I have no idea what people are going to call the team post Flashpoint).

Garth and Imra, aka Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.  I like how Garth has lightning shooting from his hands.  The face sculpt on both these figures are horrible.  Saturn Girl's hair reminds me of millennium He-man's french fries hair.

And the final "couple" - first Legion leader Cosmic Boy (aka Rokk) and the inspiration for the team, Superman.  Rokk has that weird bashing action going on, which is weird as he's more commonly depicted with his hands forward projecting his magnetic fields.  His Threeboot costume is probably the most bland of them all.

And how small are these miniatures?  Well, they are about an inch high.  I read through the rules, decided they were too complex and packed them all away again.

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