Thursday, 14 July 2011

#559 of Year 2 DCUC Mongul

When I was hunting down the figures of this wave, the one figure that I told myself that I must get even if I can't get anything else was this one.  Mongul.  He's pink and blue and yellow and a fashion disaster.  But he's chunky and heavy and I thought he'd look great on my shelf and even stand out a bit thanks to his flamboyancy!

The packaging is the usual stuff from the last few days.  I like that they didn't pose Mongul with his fists by his side but he's clenching them raised inside the bubble.  The Sinestro Corps logo on the title card also clashes with the usual green packaging and because of that it stands out more... not that Mongul needs help to stand out!

Mongul comes with Arkillo's right arm, but otherwise has got no accessories.

His sculpt is amazing, right down to the soles of his feet... literally.  There's a whole bunch of details there on his technoboots, lots of protusions and rivets, even at the soles.

The little details continues up his body to his head.  Yes, they could have just painted on those details, but they chosed not to, and we end up with this great looking figure.

And part of the greatness is that the paintwork is applied magnificiently.  Even on the smallest rivets on his costume.  My only one complaint is that the yellow on his ring is a bit thicker than it should have been and it does hide the details of the sculpt there, but other than that, the figure looks great in his lavender and blue glory.

Overall, his big and tall and looks colourful.  He isn't yellow like the rest of the Sinestro Corps, but that doesn't stop him (or Hank) from fitting in right with them.  He's definitely a great addition to my Sinestro Corps display!

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