Monday, 18 June 2012

#816 of Year 3 DCUC Red Arrow

Figure 3 of the Dead Dudes wave has the only figure in the wave that's not been dead at least once I think.  Red Arrow, aka Arsenal or Speedy before that is a member of the JLA at some point.  He's also a sidekick that has made it big time or something like that.

The packaging doesn't have anything special, but I do like the pose of the figure in the bubble showing off his bow.  The trick arrows are also prominently displayed.

Really?  An arrow hitting a bull's eye is his logo?  Whatever happened to the red 'R' on his belt?  Red Arrow comes with his bow and three arrows - that's a lot of accessories for a DCUC figure - and Nekron's arm.  The bow has the string and an arrow in it because of Mattel's toy safety requirements.  The individual arrows each have a different sculpt and they bring a nice touch to differientiate the figure from what has come before.

The figure is sculpted to the nines including the missile launcher on his back!  I like how all the straps have been moulded on his arms and body.  Roy's expression seems a bit brutish, but it works for him.

So that's the first 3 figures in Wave 20... red, blue, red... hmm...


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