Saturday, 16 June 2012

#814 of Year 3 DCUC Hawk

Mattel ended their DCUC run with Wave 20.  Well, it's still Justice June, so let's let her rip!  The wave starts with Hawk of Hawk and Dove fame.  Now, all I remember of Hawk is his apparence in the JLU cartoon in the episode with Wonder Woman.  I also know that he's recently shown up in Birds of Prey, but that's not a title that I read either.  I don't know much about him, but I do know he has ties to the Teen Titans and the JSA.

Mattel goes with the tried and tested packaging design.  After all, why change it when it will be ending?

Hawk's logo is a stylised hawk... hmmm... OK.  He doesn't come with any accessories, but he does come with the torso of the CnC figure, Nekron.

Most of the figure is just body parts reuse.  What's new is his cape and his head.  His head as the clenched teeth look - it's supposed to make him seem fierce, but I just think the look is unbecoming for a hero.  The cape has that weird anti-gravity look to it which actually makes it look good.  The paint on the figure isn't too bad and the joints are tight.  I don't have any complaints about this figure other than the fact that he's not really a figure I'm into.

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