Friday, 8 June 2012

#806 of Year 3 DCUC Hawkman

Figure 5 in Wave 19 is Hawkman.  Now I already have a Hawkman from the DCUC vs MotUC line, so I wasn't really looking forward to this variant... and variant he is.  This is the Hawkman from the 40s.  If the 40s was where radiation and nuclear power was played up to the hilt, then human powered flight was the next big thing to prevail in superheroes.

The packaging looks good and doesn't deviate from what we have seen before.  Hawkman definitely fills up the bubble.

The hawkman logo on the title card seems a bit exaggerated and fluffed up, but it still looks good.  This Hawkman comes with his vintage head and his vintage cowled head as well as STRIPE's other arm.

I like the figure.  Despite being a mostly repaint, he has those huge big wings which takes away the focus from the rest of his boring body.  The vintage head looks nicer, and the winged cowl looks good, but odd.  He is missing his logo from the red circle on his breast, but that is accurate to his vintage look, I guess.  He comes with his mace!  Yay, an accessory.  The mace is well sculpted and it's painted to look really good thanks to the choice of colours used.

Other than the head and the logo on his chest, this figure is no different than the Hawkman found in the vs MotUC pack.  He does fit in well with the rest of his 40s cohorts though, particularly with the vintage head.  Now all I need to complete the founding members are Doctor Fate, Hour-Man and Sentinel.

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