Sunday, 24 June 2012

#822 of Year 3 DCUC Sinestro Corps Scarecrow

I've always wondered why they did not start with Red Lantern Mera in this wave, but Mattel's reasons are only known to them... and to DC.  The second figure in Wave 17 is the Sinestro Corps Scarecrow!  Yay, more Sinestro Corps for me!

The packaging - nothing special.

Scarecrow comes with a removable cape, a yellow lantern and one of the anti-monitor's leg.

I have no idea how much of this is parts reuse from Scarecrow.  I like the cape obviously, but I hate the fact that he can't hold his lantern.  Bad move on Mattel's part there.  The paint is good and the joints are tight.

I like this headsculpt with the creepy Scarecrow look.  And I think the ring on the finger is a new tool, although it isn't that great of a sculpt.

I think I prefer this Scarecrow to the other two(?) as he's in his Corps colours.

And the Corps gains another member on my display!  Yay!

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