Saturday, 23 June 2012

#821 of Year 3 DCUC Star Sapphire Wonder Woman

I'm gonna continue Justice June with wave 17 of DCUC.  That's the Deputy Lantern wave, and the wave starts with a Justice Leaguer - Wonder Woman!  The Star Sapphire version of her to boot!

I have always wondered if this was supposed to be the 3rd Wave of the Lanterns subline.  I guess I'll never know.  The card is the normal DCUC one, and not the Lantern card, but the title card is typical of the Lanterns subwave.

Wonder Woman comes with a Violet lantern and the Anti-Monitor's torso.

The figure may seem like a repainted Wonder Woman, but she has a new head and probably a new body as well.  The joints are tight, the paint work is good.  I like the use of metallic magenta on her - it shows up her curves nicely and makes her stand up more than Star Sapphire herself.

She's nice when placed next to the rainbow lanterns or the Justice League.  Now I wish I have one in her star spangled costume...

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