Sunday, 3 June 2012

#801 of Year 3 JLU Firestorm, Angle Man, Killer Frost

One good three pack deserves another?  I have no idea why I got this three pack - it was an impulse buy of sorts.  Then again Firestorm with two science based characters (Angle, Frost) seems like a good idea that might appeal to me.

The packaging is similar to the JSA 3-packs from yesterday, at least where the front is concerned.  The back has some nice screen captures, a one-liner summary of each character, and the four Matty 3-packs.

I was surprised by the stand that was included with the figures.  I presume it's for the sole female figure, although her lets are no less thinner than those for the guys.  The figures are bright and colourful.  The paint on all three are good.  The sculpt of Angle Man's head and Firestorm's costume features some rather intricate details.  The use of transparent plastic for Firestorm's hair is also a good choice.

Did I mention that Angle Man has a triangle sculpted onto his fist?  That's a nice little detail in a line of parts reuse.  This trio of figures would definitely bring the fun to anyone roleplaying with them.  It's a pity that the line was cancelled.

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