Monday, 25 June 2012

#823 of Year 3 DCUC Blue Lantern The Flash

The third figure in Wave 17 is another Justice Leaguer, Mr. Flash himself.  It's still Justice June after all...

There isn't anything special about the packaging, but the way Flash is posed seems to give him that rubbery leg look.  It doesn't really work.

This is probably the first time the Blue Lantern logo has appeared on a figure and the title card.  I do wish Mattel would have given us the rest of the Blue Lanterns, but I can take Flash for starters.  He comes with a blue lantern and one of the anti-monitor's arm.

The figure seems to be a repaint of sorts.  The joints and tight and the paint is good.  He can even hold the lantern in his left hand!

The paint on him is excellent, but more than that, I like the sculpted blue ring on his hand and all the rest of the flash sculpt including the little wings on his boots.

This is my favourite version of Flash so far... despite not having energy bleeding off him.  It's a pity that he's the only Blue Lantern that I have.

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