Tuesday, 5 June 2012

#803 of Year 3 DCUC The Atom

Figure 2 in Wave 19 is The Atom.  He's another hero that's from the 40s and that's more or less dead.  I don't know much about him or care much about him either, but he's part of the wave and I got the whole wave, so...

Nothing special about the packaging, although the way he is posed inside the bubble with both his fists raised seems out of the norm.  From his bio, I find out that he's just a boxer, who thanks to the Manhattan project or something can punch very hard.  Blegh - 40s character.

He does not have any accessories, but does come with the crotch and head of STRIPE.  And I think Mattel gave him a rather weird double-belted logo.

He does look nice.  I think the abdomen piece is new, but he's mostly reuse.  The sculpt and the paint looks good though.  The joints are tight and the limbs aren't warped - two rather important points in my book.

He doesn't look out of place next to his Dick Tracey counterparts, but seems a throwback when placed next to the character who takes his place on the JSA's roster Atom Smasher.  I like the latter better...

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