Friday, 22 June 2012

#820 of Year 3 DCUC Reverse Flash

There's 7 figures in Wave 20.  And the final figure is the Reverse Flash.  What is the Reverse Flash?  Just one of Flash's enemies from the 25th century.  It's still Justice June here on Toy a Day, for those who are keeping track, not that there are many these days...

The packaging... gets boring after a while.  I mean, what am I suppose to say about the same packaging over and over again?  I don't really like how he's posed in the bubble though, but then again, if he was posed plain vanilla, he won't be able to hold his staff.

Reverse Flash comes with his staff or baton or whatever that is as well as one of Nekron's legs...

The figure himself is just a repainted Flash with the yellow and red colours reversed.  Mattel at least threw in the staff, so it's not a 100% repaint.

He's the second character from the 25th century to have gotten a DCUC figure.  The first is Booster Gold, of course.  Unlike BG though, he's not as memorable.  Sadly.

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