Sunday, 17 June 2012

#815 of Year 3 DCUC Dove

Dove is the second figure in Wave 20.  The original Dove was Hawk's brother, but he's dead.  The new dove is this chick (pun sorta intended) who wears the same colours as the original Dove, but not quite the same uniform.

The package seems to be similar to the others in the past few waves, and thankfully, Mattel decided to pack Dove in a standing up position, face forward.

Her logo is more fluffed out on the title card, but it's basically what she had... and what her predecessor also had.  She doesn't come with any accessories, but she does have Nekron's crotch... hmm...

Her sculpt is boring - I'm not sure that's how her mask and her hair is supposed to look, at least the ponytail on her back does not hinder her head from rotating.  The paint is good, but does she really wear a thong in the front?  Really?

Placed next to her partner, she's overshadowed by him.  He's awesome with a cape that billows out.  She's boring with a ponytail and a thong.

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