Friday, 29 June 2012

#827 of Year 3 DCUC Black Lantern Hal Jordan

Wait there is a 7th figure in the Deputy Lanterns Wave?  Apparently there is.  He's the Black Lantern Hal Jordan, a variant of the 6th figure and seems to be mostly a repaint.

Off the bat, I think this Hal's pose in the bubble is much better than the White Lantern.  There isn't much differenc in the packaging otherwise.

This Hal also has no accessories (really?  there isn't a black lantern?), and comes with the same Anti-Monitor parts as his white counterpart.

The figure has a screaming Hal head, but is otherwise a repaint... well, mostly.  His fist does have the black lantern ring after all.  The paint is crisp and nice.  I like the use of light grey lines to give the costume definition.

The use of the screaming Hal head sets this figure apart from the other 2 Hals that I have... and I think his costume is the best of the Black Lanterns in my group, bar none.  I actually like him a lot more than the white Lantern yesterday!

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