Wednesday, 13 June 2012

#811 of Year 3 DCUC Captain Boomerang

The fourth figure in Wave 18 is Captain Boomerang.  I do know he's part of the Flash Rogues' Gallery, but what significance does he have in the Ethnic Minority wave, other than the fact that he's Australian?  Perhaps he's just there to complete Flash's Rogues Gallery?

The packaging  seems to suit Captain Boomerang and he does stand out from the orange and yellow background, both in the bubble and on the back.  His pose in the bubble is dynamic and although it seems as if he's moving, his Boomerang is hidden way too high.

His icon apparently is five boomerangs.  That's a bit boring.  He does come with a boomerang (which is made of a very soft plastic and is slightly warped) as an accessory, along with Apache's head and crotch.

The figure is nice - the sculpt features all sorts of details and the paintwork is great.  The headsculpt is excellent - besides all the small details, it captures his mischievious grin.  He has double elbows - another good touch and the joints are tight.  The cape even has a dynamic flowing look to it.

I still have no idea why he's in this wave, and he doesn't really fit in with any of the other figures as well, which is a pity.  Still, he's a good figure on his own, boomerang notwithstanding.

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