Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#804 of Year 3 DCUC Stargirl

Figure 3 of Wave 19 is Stargirl... and I'm still continuing on a Justice Society run to kick off Justice June.  Stargirl is one of the characters created by Geoff Johns of DC based on his dead sister or something.  She's the daughter of the sidekick (aka Stripe) of the 40s JSA-er Star.  She's since been "upgraded" by being presented with Starman's cosmic rod, making her the legacy of two JSA-ers.

There's nothing special about the packaging, other than the fact that Stargirl is posed in the bubble.  Would that cause her leg to be warped?  I sure hope the cosmic rod is made out of hard plastic!

Stargirl comes with her cosmic rod and one of her father's hand.  OK, hand in a suit.  Which seems wrong on some level...

I like the use of metallic paint on the figure and the paint is generally done great.  The sculpt though gives off a creepy vibe - the smile on her face seems unnatural and forced.  Her hip articulation with the bare midriff just seems off somehow.  I don't particularly like the sculpt on some level.

Still, she fits in rather well with the modern age JSA members despite being half the height of Atom Smasher.  I would build up a nice JSA display... if Mattel had decided to continue with the line, but alas, that's not to be.

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