Wednesday, 20 June 2012

#818 of Year 3 DCUC Sinestro

The fifth figure in Wave 20 is Sinestro.  Wait, Sinestro?  Yes, Sinestro.  He's already appeared once in Wave 3 with two different figures and he's here again probably just to save costs or something.

Of course, the packaging then was a lot different than the packaging now.  It was smaller for starters, but it still retains the overall look of this wave.

This Sinestro comes with a lantern and Nekron's head.  Nothing special there.

This Sinestro is taller by a head than the smaller stature Sinestro from Wave 3.  I guess the packaging isn't the only thing that's changed.  Apparently action figures can grow after all.  The headsculpt and lantern are different, but the body and decor is or or less the same.  The yellow is lighter than the Wave 3 version though, but that just means he fits in better to the Sinestro Corps.

Yes, Sinestro Corps.  He looks so much better leading the Sinestro Corps than his dwarved version.  I've given the Wave 3 Sinestro a helmet though and placed him in the back.  I wanted to change out his head, but that was the wave before swappable heads, so it's not possible to remove the head.  Oh well.

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