Monday, 11 June 2012

#809 of Year 3 DCUC El Dorado

El Dorado is another one of those Superfriends who was added to give the cartoon some ethnic diversity.  He's also the second figure in the Ethnic Minority wave aka Wave 18.

The packaging doesn't stray far from the norm, but I find it hillarious that El Dorado is posed as if he's scratching his sides like a monkey.  I have no idea why Mattel posed him that way.

He doesn't come with an accessory, but he does come with Apache's torso, which is huge.  Despite the size of that torso, Mattel still found space to hide it behind the title card.

There isn't much new here, except perhaps the cape and harness and the head.  The harness on my figure is made of a rubbery material and although not really visible here, it pulls El Dorado's shoulders forward and down, resulting in a hunchback pose.  It's annoying.

He does seem to fit in well with the other Superfriends though despite the fact that he appeared less than a handful of times on screen.  As a figure, he's average, but the bad construction of his harness spoils the figure for me.  So far, that's two figures in the wave that hasn't wowed me.

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