Saturday, 30 June 2012

#828 of Year 3 DCUC Atrocitus

It's the last day of the month, and I thought I'd end with another Lantern.  A red Lantern.  The DCUC line was cancelled because of the new 52, but Mattel decided to continue the line as DCU Signature Collection and Atrocitus is one of those figures, the second in the line after Flash Jay Garrick.

The box looks like Jay's box, but that image of Atrocitus on the back is boring.  Really, blood coming out from his mouth?  Did he bite his tongue or something?

They used the same image on the side - a nice touch, but boring in this case.  Why couldn't they have given something more interesting?

The figure has the normal red lantern body, with a new rubbery plastic collar and shoulder pads and a new head for Atrocitus, of course.  I like the metallic colours of the pads, but the head sculpt just makes me yawn - Atrocitus has his teeth bared mien, but there's nothing special there.  One thing of note is that although he comes with his red lantern (which is painted a very nice metallic red), he can't hold the lantern because both his fists are closed.  What was Mattel thinking?

Still, he's the 4th Mattel Red Lantern - not quite as many as Green or the Sin Corps, but the team is getting there.

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