Thursday, 21 June 2012

#819 of Year 3 DCUC White Lantern Flash

If Sinestro being the previous figure isn't a hint, this figure, the White Lantern Flash strikes home another repaint and the craziness that was Darkest Day, Brightest Night over at DC.

The packaging seems similar to everything that has gone before.

The White Lantern logo on the title card is nice.  Perhaps Mattel should just put team logos on the title card instead of their individual logos.  This Flash comes with Nekron's lego, but also two electrical sparks that seems similar to the two that I got with Black Vulcan.

Despite being a repaint, the figure  is nice.  The use of different shades of grey on the figure makes certain parts pop out more (and thankfully, they aren't reversed).  The use of the electrical attachments as well as the huge flame accessory from his back gives him a look that's awesome and different from the other Flashes.

I have to say he looks good, despite being monochromatic silver in an otherwise brightly coloured wave.


  1. Nice Flash variant the colors work well with it.

  2. I'm surprised at how well it worked.


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