Thursday, 7 June 2012

#805 of Year 3 DCUC Lord Naga

The name Kobra is probably taken or is too similar to GIJoe's KOBRA or something.  So Mattel and DCUC went with Lord Naga instead?  Okay...

Lord Naga is the leader of one of the first terrorist organisation in comics.  I don't really care about him much since he's from the 40s (and way way before my time, just in case anyone is wondering).  The packaging is what we have come to expect from Mattel.  I do like the way he is posed in the bubble, with the closed fist  raised.

I have no idea why Mattel decides to create these weird logo for the character, but a heart shaped logo with lines?  Really?  Also, STRIPE's body takes up way too much space in the bubble... to the point where the neck peg is even visible above the title card.  And Lord Naga comes with an accessory!  A staff!  Way cool... if only he was a character that I'd care for.

Lord Naga looks nice.  I'm going to guess that's a repainted Aquaman body with those scales, but look at the loincloth and the cowl and the cape.  Those are probably new.  In fact the character reminds me of.... yes, King Hsss from MYP.  I know where I'll display him - together with Copperhead in my MotUC Snakemen display!

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