Tuesday, 26 June 2012

#824 of Year 3 DCUC Indigo Lantern The Atom

Another day, another figure from the Deputy Lantern wave.  This is the first Indigo lantern in DCUC and I'm not so sure whether I'm happy about it or upset that we aren't getting the other criminals...

The packaging is typical of the last few waves.  There isn't much to say here really.  Even the figure is posed in the usual face forward fashion, which is good.  It's also good that he's holding the staff.

Atom comes with his staff, which I thought would get all bendy when I took it out of the packaging, but suprisingly it remained rather stiff.  There's also the anti-monitor's hand in the package too.

Atom seems to have got new sculpts almost everywhere.  The ring on his fist, his new head.  The loincloth...

...and those bellbottoms!  Whoa!  There's way too much detail on the figure and it feels a bit clusterphobic to me, but I guess that's how he's drawn in the comics or something.

I still think he looks out of place among the deputy lanterns.  Can someone remind me again why they didn't make the other Indigo Lanterns?  Oh yeah, the line was rebooted with the new 52.  Blegh.

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