Sunday, 10 June 2012

#808 of Year 3 DCUC Black Vulcan

It's still Justice June, and I'm gonna start on a new DCUC wave.  Wave 18 is the Ethnic Minority wave and opens with Black Vulcan, the lightning powered hero from the Superfriends TV cartoon.

The packaging retains the same look, but the odd pose of Black Vulcan in the bubble seems less attractive than if he was packaged normally with eyes up front.

There's that weird Black Vulcan symbol there as well.  Mattel really needs to stop making these weird symbols.  Black Vulcan comes with Apache's leg and two thunderbolts.  Yes, those are thunderbolts and not two sperm cells... and I'm glad that he has accessories.

The figure is good and despite the pose in the bubble, the leg isn't warped.  The joints are tight and the paintwork is good.  The face sculpt captures the cartoon look, but those yellow boomerang shapes on the sides of his head?  They aren't symmetrical or painted the same colour.  They look odd and one of it is warped.  Ignore that and he's a great figure.  Somehow that weird detail spoilt the figure for me.

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