Friday, 15 June 2012

#813 of Year 3 DCUC Bronze Tiger

The final figure in Wave 18 is Bronze Tiger.  I have no idea who he is either, other than the fact that he's black.

There's nothing special about the packaging.  The action pose in the bubble is nice, but the icon in the title card just seems way too complicated to be an icon.

There's also a sticker advertising the extra head with the tiger mask.  Besides the extra head, he's got a staff, a broadsword and two sticks.  Apache's right leg is also in the package.

The figure looks great, but I have no attachment to it.  The tunic and belt is sculpted on nicely and the paints are vibrant and nice.  The sculpt of both the heads are intricate and full of detail - the open mouth of the tiger head almost seems to make him roar.

He's a nice obscure figure in the wave, but I have no idea why Mattel insists on including these figures for a wave at retail which will just pegwarm...

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