Sunday, 1 July 2012

#829 of Year 3 DCUC Metron

I guess I might as well go on with Metron just to complete Justice June... although it's already July.  Metron was the Club Exclusive for Club Infinite Earth.  He wasn't purchasable (is that a word) but was a "reward" for those who subscribed to CIE.

The box is huge as it has to include the chair as well, but despite the size, it still looks very much like Jay's and Atrocitus' boxes before.  The picture on the back is interesting and the way he is packaged - with the figure and the chair side by side in the window is rather good.

I like hte image reuse on the side as well.  Unlike Atrocitus, this looks interestingly drawn and even has that vanishing effect on the top of his chair.

There's only 3 pieces inside the box - the figure itself and the two piece chair.  There is nothing special to write about for the figure - he's more or less a repaint.  The tampographed images on his torso looks good, but the choice of hands for him seems a bit weird at first glance.

The chair comes in two parts to fit in the box and the assembly was a breeze despite the absense of instruction.  What I do like about the chair is the amount of details on it, from the control panels (which are painted amazingly well) to the microchip design on the base.

Even the back of the chair didn't escape the level of details as there is quite a bit of "greebles" there.  And the weird shape of Metron's hands?  Well, when he is seated, it makes absolute sense at the end of the day as it allows him to finger the control panel.  All's good.  And Mattel even threw in an extra point of articulation on the chair - the disk on the top actually spins!

Still, I doubt most people I know will display Metron with the chair.  It seems designed for another Cosmic personality altogether...


  1. Sweet figure and his chair works well with Zodak.

  2. Yup, it works rather well!


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