Saturday, 7 July 2012

#841 of Year 3 Lego City Space Mission Activity Book

I've been keeping an eye out on these minifigure Ladybird books since I saw them in the UK 2 years ago, but could never bring myself to buy any... until last month.  The reason why I got this?  It was part of Space Mission!

The cover looks nice and all.  The minifigure is packaged in a clear bubble and is out on display for everyone to see.  I had to wrestle with myself whether or not to consider this a "toy" or a "book".  At the end of the day, it does have a "toy", so I've labelled it as such.

It's also very easy to remove the compact like case containing the minifig.  The activities in the book is rather simple, but some of them are ingenious.  The illustrations are top-notch though.

The minifigure itself is a normal Space Mission minifig.  I like how they included an orange cap and a 2×8 plate for him to stand on.  Overall, I'm satisfied with this purchase!

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