Thursday, 5 July 2012

#839 of Year 3 Mario Kart Toad

So I was at the mall the other day and walked past this store.  Right next to the entrance was this box of Mario blind bags?  I went in and saw that indeed I was correct, it was Mario blind bags, so I decided to get one... Toad seems the easiest to find thanks to his helmet.

The bag contains the instructions and the figure wrapped in tissue paper.  Wow.  Okay...  It came in parts, but it wasn't too difficult assembling the head to the torso to the legs.

The figure isn't too bad - he has 5 points of articulation at the wrists, shoulders and neck.  The paintwork is good, and the figure is appealing and cartoony.

The figure is as tall as a Lego minifig and fits well with those odd Japanese toys I picked up previously.  I wish I could go back and get more of the figures.  There's only 8 in the first wave, so that's not too many to collect.

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