Tuesday, 10 July 2012

#843 of Year 3 Dino Riders Fire and Mind-Zei

Dino-Riders had all these figure packs - and I think they were beyond their time trying to cash in on the figures.  These were 2-inch figures though, and despite their lack of size, they do have great details and paint, probably thanks to Tyco and their model cars.

The card is a typical card for the figures - the differientiator is a sticker stuck onto the bubble, so that the cards can be reused for any of the figure packs without too much difficulty.  I like the fierce drawing of the T-Rex on the front, and the names of all the toys in the first wave of the toyline on the back.

Fire seems to have a repainted Sting head, but the body is slightly different.  Mind-zei has a rather nice metallic silver finish on his torso and reminds me of a human Thundercats figure.  The figures all have the usual 7 points of articulation.  The sculpts look good and the paint brings out the details of the sculpt - see for example Mind-Zei's beard or the folds on Fire's torso.

Overall, these are nice figures, but I'm not sure kids will buy them on their own.


  1. Whoa! I never knew these figures were released individually! I always thought they were packed with dinos.

  2. Maybe Mattel will announce them at SDCCthis year? Who knows...


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