Monday, 20 June 2011

#535 of Year 2 MotUC Catra

This is a bit overdue, but I had a few themed weeks beforehand and this is the first slot that I've had to actually write about her, even though I opened her up a month ago when I actually got her.

Catra comes on the standard MotUC card.  She has the Horde sticker on the bubble, which is great, but I was holding out for two stickers on her card, the second being her PoP sticker.  Sadly, this did not come true.  The back of the card shows the three Horde figures so far, but really they need to release more so that all 6 figures there are filled up by the evil Horde!

Catra comes with a whole bunch of accessories - two masks, a shield, a sword and her whip which seems to have a comb as the handle.

Thw sword is moulded from very soft plastic (apparently the same as the whip and her left hand) and is warped from the rubber bands within the bubble.  It does have two pink jewels on either side though which makes it looks interesting.  Her shield also has the face of a cat and a jewel embedded in it, and I think it's rather well done.

The whip is made from flexible plastic, but it doesn't seem too flexible.  The comb handle does look a bit weird, but I guess it's in homage of the vintage come that she came with.  Still, as Darkspecter pointed out, they could have made it such that the teeth of the comb became the knuckle guard, which would be an even more interesting idea.

Catra comes with her vintage toy mask and her cartoon mask.  They clip in to her head rather well.  However, they only clip on in one position - the cartoon mask to her forehead, the toy mask across her eyes.  They could be forced to clipped the other way around too, but they fly off after a while as they weren't designed for it.

The figure has what is expected from a MotUC female, and thanks to the way the hair is sculpted, it does not hinder her neck articulation.  The dress is made from a very rubbery plastic, which will hopefully allow her to sit on a horse or a giant cat in future.  Her clawed left hand is made from a rubber plastic which may be weird, but not really noticable... yet.  I wonder how time will treat that.  The paintwork is minimal, but there are some paint scuffs on my figure.

Still, it's nice that we've finally got another Horde figure this year.  Hopefully, the rest of them won't be long in the coming.


  1. Woo! Shout out in the Catra review! lol I really wish all the accessories were harder plastic. I mean, I could have used the hair dryer to pose the whip if I wanted to...instead I had to use the hairdryer to fix the really bent sword. lol

    I still love her. Both of the ones I bought had QC issues though, so I have two replacements on the way. Lots of Catra action at my house! lol

  2. "Lots of Catra action" LOL. Does that mean Master Bates have been busy? LOL.

  3. lol No, nothing like that. Just...there will be lots of Catras. 4 Catras and 5 She-Ras. lol

  4. Poor Toyguru got no love... ;)


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