Monday, 27 June 2011

#542 of Year 2 Lego 8804 Minifigures Sailor

I broke down and bought two more Series 4 minifigures yesterday.  I know these aren't Vikings, because I didn't bother checking the dots.  I guess I will just have to be surprised.

Somehow, I think the Vikings is like the Elf in series 3.  A bit on the rare side... at least for me.  Perhaps someone will tell me otherwise ant that they have an army of Vikings?  Who knows?

OK, this first one is the sailor.  He has a smirk again.  What's it with smirks and Series 4?  Really, he and Surfer Girl probably go hand in hand.  Perhaps they made a face and the wind changed and their face got stuck that way?  Who knows?  Well, maybe the other one will be a Viking...

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