Thursday, 9 June 2011

#524 of Year 2 Lego 8402 City Sports Car

Since it's shaping up to be another Lego week, I might as well continue with a number of City sets.  Why City?  Firstly, it's because I'm still expanding my train display.  Secondly, this December will mark the 30th anniversary of my Lego collection, which started with a humble Town set.

The Sports car is a fairly recent set, and it comes in a box that shows it breaking down on the front.  The back shows it off in various other views as well as the view of the roadside emergency phone.

The box contains two unnumbered baggies, the instruction booklet, the chassis piece and a tree.  The tree is a nice landscape addition, but I wonder if they only added that so that they can sell this set at a higher price point.

The minifig looks like a preppy turk from Hogwarts, and I had to double check that I wasn't opening a Harry Potter Lego set instead.  The emergency phone is built from a whole bunch of bricks and looks like a weird robot from the Jetsons.

The car itself was an easy build, with lots of smooth surfaces.  The SNOT (stud not on top) effect was used to create the front and rear lights.  I like it that the front design includes orange transparent bricks as blinkers.  One downside for the vehicle is the lack of a door... the lack of a convertible hood piece can be overlooked on my part.

Overall, it does fit in rather will with the rest of the City sets and is a good addition to my City/Train layout.

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