Monday, 27 June 2011

Spiral Zone Tank and Courage

I've been busy with my ebay purchases... and since some of them aren't in package, well, they don't count towards my one toy a day opening limit.  Two of the recent purchases (which really had me stoked) are the Spiral Zone figures that I recently got.

The figures have been well played with and is pretty worn out in some spots.  They are far from complete, but that's not the main issue for me.  I never had these figures as a kid, because they were big and costs quite a bit, and they wore soft goods/cloth clothes, which were a bit feminine for my taste back then.

I have to say they really look great, especially on the Rimfire.  Granted, the backpacks have to be removed for them to fit into the cockpit, but the Rimfire is such a well designed vehicle that there's a slot for the backpack on the back!  Wow.

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