Thursday, 2 June 2011

#517 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Arcee

It's no secret that I'm a Transformers Animated fan... well, at least of the toyline.  And I'm a late comer to the toyline which means I've gotta go hunt down the figures that I want.  I missed out on the Toys R Us Arcee, but scored this Japanese version of the character, who has a completely different paintjob than the American version.

The Japanese packaging is standard, and compared to the mostly white American version seems rather dark.  The shape of the bubble is the same though, and the picture of the character in robot mode is still there on the title card, to contrast against the vehicle mode being displayed in the bubble.  The back features a weird CGI image of the character and a bio beneath that (in Japanese, of course).  Beneath the bio in progressively smaller (ichban?) photos shows the action features of the toy and the other figures in the line.

The toy has three insets, as is common for the Japanese line, including a poster with all the figures up to Arcee (TA-12, which means she's the 12th figure in the line).  The back of the poster has a lot more detail about the toy in Japanese, as well as blurbs about the other figures in the line including a picture of the Dinobots!

Arcee comes with four pieces of accessories - two "wings" and two blue transparent swords.  The wings can be attached to the vehicle to form its spoiler.  The swords can be plugged into the rear of the vehicle to act as the exhaust, I guess.

The vehicle mode is short and sturdy.  It's a Cybertronian car, so there's no Earth equivalent.  The paintwork on the vehicle is nice.  TakaraTomy could have gone with a metallic shade, but instead they chose a shade of pink that's not too girlie-Barbie and it works for the vehicle.  Like Skywarp from yesterday, the cockpit is sculpted from clear plastic and it shows a driver's seat inside to give it that extra bit of detail.

The transformation to robot mode isn't too difficult, although a large part of the vehicle becomes the backpack (or the kibble, depending on your point of view) including the detachable spoilers.  I guess that's why they are detachable in the first place.  The figure is very nicely articulated and can be put in a variety of poses.  The backpack may at first glance seem to make the figure top heavy, but the construction of the legs is so solid that the centre of gravity is lower what it might seem, resulting in a rather stable figure.

My only complaint about the figure is that it is smaller than Ratchet, which means it's way too small.  She's supposed to be about the same size as Ratchet (as shown in the cartoon).  This sculpt also makes her look rather young due to her dimunitive body size and she could have been improved if she was a tad bigger.

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