Saturday, 11 June 2011

#526a of Year 2 Lego 6321 Town Curved Road Plates

This really isn't a toy, it's an accessory, and an accessory that I'm using to build up my Lego train display.  As an accessory, it doesnt' count towards my toy a day limit, so yay!

The packaging is basically shrink-wrap... and a sheet of cardboard which show the two plates, the other plates of the era, and a representative town scene with the plates.

It's basically two base plates within the shrink wrap, moulded from Lego green plastica and painted with a road and two shoulders along the side of the road.  It's rather pedestrian.  it can be used to make a U-turn, or assembled with the other road plates to form a more complicated road grid.  I used to have a desire to get enough plates to tile the whole room with it, but walking on the studs will probably be painful!

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