Thursday, 16 June 2011

#531 of Year 2 Toy Story Lotso (SDCC 2010)

It's Matty release day today, and it's also Toy Story week here.  So I thought I'd commemorate both (I'm not sure celebrate would be a description for a Matty release day) and open a Matty and SDCC exclusive, a flocked strawberry-smelling Lotso!

Lotso's box looks similar to Chunk's and Twitch, but in reality it's a bit bigger than those boxes.  The back of the box  is also slight different with Lotso's logo in place of the development blurb in the top left corner.

The box also has a Strawberry shortcake-ish sticker on the front selling the scented figure, although I have to wonder why it's there as it was a con exclusive or was sold online.  My first surprise came when I opened him up.  The cardboard tray sure looks different.

It's printed to resemble the scene presumably from the Sunnyside daycare in the movie, with torys and books and stuff neatly arranged.  Lotso itself feels like a brick - a velvety brick at that thanks to the flocking.  However, due to the lack of leg articulation, the flocking and him generally being top heavy, he can't stand too well.  Lotso only has three points of articulation, which is quite a disappointment - he twists at his shoulders and neck.  He does come with his cane as an accessory and it's removable.

Lotso is also bigger than Twitch and Chunk.  However, he's not as playable as either due to his lack of articulation.  Still, this is a nice figure, but don't bother using him as a room freshener.  He sort of stinks.


  1. Does he REALLY smell like Strawberries? lol I was thinking of buying him, but ended up passing. I saved my money for more MOTUC. ;)

  2. He smells like Strawberry Shortcake. Not the food item though, the new toy from Hasbro.

  3. Oh, cool. He smells "pretty" I guess. ;)

  4. That's one way of putting it!


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