Monday, 20 June 2011

#535a of Year 2 MotU Blade

I have been buying a few items on ebay recently and they have just started arriving.  This arrived at about the same time as Catra....

Yes, that's Blade from the MotU line.  Since next year is the 25 anniversary of the movie and all, I though I might as well complete my collection of 3 movie figures.  Two down, one more to go!

This blade is incomplete - He only has one sword where he's suppose to have two.  I was a bit surprised when I got this figure as from the waist down, he didn't look anything like a vintage MotU - no furry pants, no bow legs.  He does have the swing-punch figure and the arm chopping feature, which is great.  The paintwork isn't the best as it has been played with, but it's not noticably bad either.  The sword is a bit bent, but that should be an easy hot water fix.  Overall, I'm glad that I got him and I'm one figure closer to completing my vintage collection.

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