Tuesday, 7 June 2011

#522 of Year 2 Lego 8804 Minifigures Kimono Girl

This isn't Lego minifigures week, although it may seem that way.  Today I'm opening the first of my Series 4 purchase (which I only purchased last week).

The packaging is similar to Series 3, in that it has a montage of the figures in the series on the front and lots of words on the back.  The main difference is that the packaging is orange here, whereas it's green for Series 3.

I just randomly picked up a figure and was pleasantly surprised by the contents.  Well, the only figure I'd like from the Series is the Viking, but as I've learnt from Series 3, I'm not going to hunt it down.

I like the Kabuki aspects of the character here, with the white painted face, the painted on combs in her hair and the new fan piece (at least I think it's new).  If nothing else, the minifigures series have been giving us great pieces!

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