Wednesday, 15 June 2011

#530 of Year 2 Toy Story Chunk

It's day three of Toy Story week, and I'm opening Chunk, which seems to be a rather odd name for a toy, but oh well, that's what he's called.

The box is similar to Twitch's from yesterday, and I do have to say that the base is wider than the top (something that I only discovered today), which means that the contents can only be removed from the bottom, not the top.  The artwork on the back seems boring, and it also shows that Chunk had the least tweaks of the characters from sketch to the silver screen.

The inside packaging is also similar to Twitch's although Chunk has a lot more rubber bands, or that's how it seems to me.  Again, the blue cardboard tray has images of the preliminary sketches on it, which is a nice way to individualise it.

Chunk's action feature - the rotatable face, is intact here, but it only has two faces, a happy face and a moustachied Latin angry face.  I prefer the happy face.  Twitch also has two points of articulation on each limb to give a total of 9 articulation points on the figure.  I was a bit disappointed that the twist articulation points on the waist and the biceps/upper arms were not implemented, although there seems to be lines on the sculpt drawn for them.

This Chunk is short, he barely reaches up to Twitch's chest.  But the smiley face looks happy, and that mien just brightens up my day when I look at him.  I guess that's why they are getting some display space on my limited shelf space... at least for the moment.

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