Sunday, 19 June 2011

#534 of Year 2 Revoltech Toy Story Buzz Lightyear

It's Sunday, and the last day of Toy Story week for 2011.  I don't think I'll have another Toy Story week after this as the franchise has seen its last legs and there aren't that many Toy Story stuff that I'd want to get anyways.

The box is similar to Woody's from yesterday with a posed picture ont he front, and pictures of the action features on the back.  The wrap around strip is there, but it starts and ends at the openable flap.

The flap opens to reveal the window, and I've got to say, I'm a bit disappointed in what's shown in the window.  There's the alternate face, but where are the extra hands?

The inside of the flap does have Buzz's story as well as scenes from the movie.

Nope, there are no extra hands with Buzz.  He comes with three plastic army men, the token and orange box, the nameplate, the extra face and two wings.

The army men are green and glossy.  They look a lot more "expensive" than an actual bag of army men.  They aren't posable though, but neither was the original army men anyways.

Buzz is built around the Revoltech ball joints, and like Woody from yesterday, even the eyes on each face is a modified ball joint, which means that the eyeballs are articulated.  The paintwork is excellent, and that's saying a lot as there are quite a lot of small sculpt details ont he body.  Buzz's feet even has Andy's name on it (and I check Woody's feet today which also has Andy's name on it, the "N" being mirrored as how it was shown in the movies).

I think this is the first movie-coloured Buzz I have who can actually stand on his own.  I guess he's going on my display shelf becaus eof that!  He does have a variety of poses thanks to all the articulation points on the figures.  The wings just snap into the backpack, and they don't seem to stay there well, which is a surprise for me, but maybe I'm doing something wrong in the first place.

And I finally figured out why Woody had an extra Buzz hand - it's for Buzz so that Buzz can hold Lenny.  Hah!  Buzz is a lot shorter than Woody though, and he seems a bit dimunitive, but then again, maybe that's the correct scale.

He's slightly bigger than my Mattel Buzz (who gitd), and looks slightly nicer.  Oh and did I mention that he can stand on his own unaided?  That makes him a million times better than the Mattel version.


  1. His arms look a tad bulky/falling out, but everything else looks good. Funny an extra hand of his was with Woody. I guess that's one way to make you buy both! lol

    In the movies, Buzz is much shorter than Woody, so I think it might be to scale.

  2. Oh, the falling out part... that's the articulation point. His arms can be swung out fron the socket via a hinge for some weird reason...

  3. Or maybe I just have it wrong. That might be the case...


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